Book Living Well Med Spa  for an exclusive evening out with your friends!  Dr. Vittimberga will present an educational talk geared to you interest  of your choice, enjoy cocktails and soft drinks with catered refreshments.  Dr. Vittimberga will educated your friends and family on the different products available today and their benefits.  You and your guests will have the opportunity to receive discounts on your treatments.  

The HOST/HOSTESS & GUESTS will receive:

$10 a unit for Botox ($3.85 a unit for Dysport) with 6-9 guests

$9 a unit for Botox ($ 3.50 a unit of Dysport) with 10 or more guests (minimum 20 units of Botox and 50 units or Dysport per guest)

20% Discount on pre-purchased fillers

30% Discount on all skin care products

In order to secure a party date, a $200 deposit is required from the Host/Hostess. The deposit will be applied toward treatments at the party.  A minimum of five (5) additional deposits are required within 24 hours of the host/hotess' deposit.  Host/Hostess will receive one free unit of Botox for every 10 units purchased. Host/Hostess will receive four free units of Botox for every syringe of filler purchased.  

Offer not valid with other coupons or discounts.

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